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Oct 26 2017

Ghosts, goulies and things that go bump in the night, it’s time for Halloween!

“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night.” That Scottish saying accurately sums up this time of year when witches, pumpkins, bats and ghosts all make their appearances for the annual fright night that is Halloween. Many pets enjoy being dressed up, or their owners want to include them in the festivities, but store-bought costumes can be expensive. With just a few materials and some imagination, the veterinarians in Richmond Hill know you can make a howling good costume for your four-legged friend. Just don’t forget to put safety first and make sure your pet isn’t restricted in a way that prevents him from breathing, seeing or hearing.

Bat Kitty

Your cat can be an adorable creature of the night with just a few materials and a bit of your free time

What You’ll Need




  • ·Black felt, two sheets
  • ·Elastic
  • ·Silver-colored fabric paint


How to Make It

1.Take the sheets of black felt and cut out wing shapes. We recommend using some kind of guide (try printing out a picture of wings on your computer) to make sure they’re just right.

2.Once you’re done with that, get out the fabric paint and outline the wings on both sides.

3.Let the paint dry.

4.Make two small rectangles from the leftover felt. This will help anchor the wings. Place one rectangle on each side where the wings meet. Glue them down. Hot glue works best.

5.Now you’re ready to use the elastic. Attach two strips to the wings and use them as a harness by allowing your cat’s (or you could do the same for a dog) two front legs to slip into them. Make sure the elastic isn’t tight or uncomfortable.

If your pet is just too cute to spook, consider a costume that gets back to nature. All you need are a few supplies and creativity to have the most boo-tiful  flower on the block.

How to Make It

For a flower, cut out shapes of petals in the colored felt and glue to an elastic headband. Next, cut off the sleeves of a green tee and put it on your pet as the stem. Once the glue has dried on the flower headband, put it on your pet’s head, making sure it fits comfortably, then get ready for a night of flower power.





Beanie Baby

Remember those little stuffed animals everybody had to have? Recreate the craze and get some compliments from your family, friends, or even your vet in Richmond Hill.



What You’ll Need

  • ·Black markerBeanie Baby Costume ... credit Pinterest
  • ·Poster board, one white sheet
  • ·Red marker
  • ·Ribbon or a hair tie

How to Make It

1.Print out a picture of a heart. Cut out the heart and trace it on the poster board. If the picture is too small, try creating the heart by hand.

2.Draw the “TY” logo in the center of the heart.

3.Outline the heart and logo with the black marker.

4.Color the inside of the heart with the red marker. Leave the “TY” white.

5.Poke a hole into the left side of the heart.

6.Put the ribbon or hair tie through the hole and attach it to your pet’s collar.



How to Make It:

Wrap him in a blanket and shape as many  wrinkles as possible, leaving his face clear.

Now your pooch is ready to get her picture taken!  Don’t forget to stop by and show off your creation or at least send us a picture 🙂

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