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Dec 31 2015

Dermatology and your pet

Just like you, your cat or dog has a complex physiological system. The health and functioning of one part affects all others–either positively or negatively. Richmond Hill veterinarians, Drs. Howard Covant and Peter Bell, consider a pet’s skin an important indicator of overall systemic well-being. They examine, test and treat it as needed for optimal canine or feline health.

Pet Dermatology

Excessive scratching, changes in pigment, presence of bumps or sores–these are all causes of concern and require the expert eye of an experienced veterinarian. Your pet’s skin is his or her first line of defense against disease and also helps regulate body temperature. Skin and hair or fur also make your companion look like himself or herself.

Dermatology–whether human or animal–involves the testing, treatment, management and cure of disorders of the skin, hair and nails. While animals cannot tell humans that their skin is sore or that those lesions erupted right after they ate a new kind of food, pets look and behave differently when their skin is problematic. Owners require education on what to look for and should understand that their Richmond Hill veterinarians provide the dermatology services necessary to keep skin, hair and nails at their best.

Common Skin Problems

Just like humans, dogs and cats suffer from environmental and food allergies which express themselves through the skin in the form of itchy rashes, hair loss and other symptoms. Veterinarians perform routine allergy testing to discover what allergens cause the presenting problems.

Additionally, they inspect and test for:

  • bacterial infections
  • paw and nail problems
  • fleas, mites and other parasites
  • skin cancer (biopsy)
  • hormonal problems
  • pigmentation changes

The staff at Bayview Seven Animal Hospital educates pet owners on proper skin care, including the proper way to wash and brush a pet to preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Also, the doctors provide counsel on healthy pet diets, perhaps including special food, vitamins or supplements (such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) that encourage optimal skin health.

Are You Concerned?

If your pet experiences skin issues, please contact Bayview Seven Animal Hospital right away for a consultation. Skin problems impact your pet’s comfort, happiness and well-being. The right diagnosis and treatment plan is just a phone call away: (905) 764-1144.


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