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Ms. Julia Lohasz

Education: Seneca College, University of Toronto

Pets: Mindi, Steve Irwin, Kia

With a background in physical health and education Julia still enjoys working as a fitness professional when she is not running around the clinic but she has been very happy to return to the veterinary world as she loves to interact with clients and their pets.  She is here to assist you with your requests, explain treatments your pet received and to help oversee the day to day operation of the hospital.  She has a true passion for the care of animals, making sure their visits to our hospital are as anxiety and stress free as possible.  Having completed her Fear Free Certification in October of 2017 you will often find her attached to our most anxious and fearful patients as she works with them to learn to love coming to visit us.  The moment she get’s home her two cat’s Steve Irwin and Mindi come running so they can pick at Julia’s left pocket of her scrubs as they have learned (just like many of our patients) that that is where the treats are kept!  She and her children also have a Ball Python named Kia that keeps them connected to the exotic pet world.