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Mar 17 2020

Coronavirus Update – Fluid Recommendations

At Bayview Seven Animal Hospital, we are committed to protect and promote the health of your pet and public health.  We take our efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus seriously.  In order to protect ourselves and the public, we are working within the Public Health guidelines to keep our clinic and staff free of the virus.  In addition to normal cleaning procedures, we have added more frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as door handles, front counter and pin pads, as well as more frequent mopping of floors with disinfectant solution.  We will continue frequent hand washing and encourage everyone to do the same.  I’m sure you will understand at this time that we will be keeping more personal distance and refraining from shaking hands or hugging.  

Our staff will be staying home from work if they, or anyone in their household exhibit symptoms.  As we are a small clinic, this may lead to shortages of staff.  So far, we are all healthy, but this situation continues to evolve. Please be patient with us if we are not able to schedule you in for an appointment as quickly as normal – we will do our absolute best.  

If you, or anyone in your home is ill with symptoms of coronavirus (a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or cold-like symptoms), or have traveled out of Canada in the past 14 days – please call us and let us know before coming to an appointment.  To protect our staff, we will modify these appointments.  It is preferred if someone else can bring the pet to the appointment.  We will be in touch with you over the phone to discuss their care and ask history questions.  We will also ask you to call us when you arrive at the clinic, so that we can bring the pet in from the car if necessary.  No one who is under self-isolation should be entering the clinic.  At this time there is NO evidence that our pets can become infected with COVID-19, but they may carry the virus on their bodies for a time (a vector for transmission), so we will take extra precautions.  For our established clients, we can make efforts to evaluate your pet via emailed photos and phone calls when possible and appropriate. 

If you need to pick up food or medication for your pet – and you are in self-isolation or would just prefer not to come into the clinic – please call us. We can prepare orders for food and medication here and bring it to your car, if you call when you arrive.  Payment can be arranged by credit card over the phone.  

Please help us to protect our staff, our families and our clients who are at higher risk for this infection.  We want to be able to remain open and able to care for your pets.

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